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Dr. Savita Jain

MBBS,MD,PGDCD Skin / Hair Specialist in Ludhiana

Dr.Savita Jain Dr. Savita Jain (MBBS,MD,PGDCD) is a well-known skin/hair specialist in Ludhiana. Her immense knowledge and great depth of understanding of the subject have made her stand out among her peers and experts. Dr. Savita Jain practices clinical and cosmetic dermatology and treats skin conditions and hair diseases in men, women, and children. Dr. Savita Jain not only takes utmost care of you at the first consultation and each follows up, but she will remain with you as your personal Skin specialist, available to be contacted easily. Her simplicity, compassionate nature, and easy approachability have gained her thousands of patients.

She specialises in anti-aging and all types of treatments for different Skin problems, Pigmentation, Hair Loss Treatments etc. Dr. Savita Jain is the Best Skin Specialist, for her humble, kind, and down-to-earth personality. She is renowned for giving consistent, 100% satisfactory results to all her clients from across India. Dr. Savita Jain takes the doctor-patient relationship to the next level through her unique way of bonding as a doctor and a friend.

Specialties & Qualifications

Qualifications: MBBS,MD,PGDCD
Experience: 7+ Years